Renovation boom underway, CMHC says, as empty nesters need more space for adult chicks

Aging Canadian homeowners are increasingly deciding to stay where they are and renovate instead, especially since more adult children are still living under their roof.

That was one of the conclusions of a CMHC report on Ontario’s housing market Tuesday, which looked at the booming market for home renovations.

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Ontarians spent an estimated $25 billion on renovations last year, a figure that the housing agency says is forecast to keep increasing in the coming years. That’s because the housing market itself is booming, and most buyers typically undergo some sort of renovation job within the first 12 months after they buy, indicate numbers by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

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Even more choose to improve their homes later, once the high costs of buying a new home are considered.

According to the latest Statistics Canada data, some of the more popular reno jobs include:

  • Basement upgrades.
  • Painting and wallpapering.
  • Heating and air conditioning.
  • Landscaping.

On the whole, Ontario’s housing stock is aging. Roughly 57 per cent of all the homes in the province have been constructed since 1980, and those almost 40-year-old homes are in need of a few licks of paint — or more.

The trend is even more the case in rental units, where landowners can get around limits on rent hikes by spending money to improve their units’ quality. “Existing homeowners and landlords looking to sell or rent existing space have undertaken more renovation work,” the CMHC says.

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Finding the Best Plumber in the area.

Plumbing contractors can falsely claim to be honest and dependable. Overcharging clients is common with dishonest and untrustworthy plumbing repair contractors. Always investigate potential contractors before hiring to ensure they are legitimate. Whether you are looking for an Eastern suburbs plumber, hot water repairman or a drain unblocking plumber, following this info will assist in your quest to find the best contractor. If you happen to reside within some of Sydney’s most beautiful suburbs don’t become fooled by the amazing surrounding area, as a small number of the so called tradesmen are known for ripping off unsuspecting homeowners.

Effective timing and planning

Allow a good amount of time to search for the very best plumbing repair contractor for your project. Seek feedback and referrals from among your family and friends. Take advantage of local business networking meetings to find out if you’re impressed by anyone you meet there. The more companies and tradespeople you review, the more likely it’ll be that you’ll find the very best one for you.

Due diligence
Do not hire a licensed plumbing repair contractor to begin work on any project until you have researched his reputation and the quality of the work that he provided for previous clients. Looking into their financial references can also check the contractor’s integrity. Additionally, do all you could to ensure the plumbing service provider will use nothing but the best of products for the work planned. Do all you can to discover what materials your plumbing service provider on the project will probably use.

As soon as the plumbing repair contractor’s work begins, check in at the work site regularly to ensure everything is going well. Get opinions from former clients prior to hiring a contractor. If what you hear from other people is generally positive, then you could move on and continue with the hiring process. Make use of the internet to search your contractor as there will most likely be some online reviews from previous clients that you would not have known of just by talking with people face to face.

The reason why many clients reject low proposals is being afraid the plumbing repair contractor will deliver poor results. When assessing a proposal, find out how much materials cost in order to find out if the bid is reasonable. Don’t forget to take labor costs into account when you are looking at proposals. Only sign a legal contract if you agree that the pricing is reasonable.

1 on 1 Communication
Plumbing contractors and project issues should always be discussed away from third parties. Ability to talk privately can allow both parties to talk freely and openly and create a productive conversation. This may mean you having to accept some delays, but this shouldn’t be a factor as long as the time frame stays intact. A detailed contract ought to be used as common grounds for discussion, as issues are easier to address when you refer to contract terms.

Each community devises its own set of rules and regulations to follow. Ask your local plumber how effectively they know what they are doing. Being up-to-date with knowledge about by-laws will enable your contractor to complete a job without delay. Propose a few possible scenarios to potential contractors, and see how they react to each one.

10 Things to know about spray foam insulation

Spray foam insulation is spray applied plastic that forms a continuous insulation and an airtight barrier on walls, roofs tiles, concrete slabs, corners and into wall cavities. It is a compound composed of two products, isocyanate and polyol resin. The two products react quickly and expand on contact to form an expanding form. The form is known to insulate heat, water vapor, air and unwanted infiltration.There are three types of spray forms,
High density used for exterior and roofing, medium density used for continuous insulation, crack filling and invented attic application. Low density used for the interior cavity filling. Sprayed form is preferred to other insulation such as wood and fiberglass because it is more efficient and more effective. Spray foam should be handled by professional commercial spray foam insulation companies as the likes of Spray foam Kings ,this help to determine the best components to use and the ratio of the mixture to be used.
There are certain things one should know about spray foam insulation;
Spray forms insulators are by-products of petroleum chemicals, they have carbon structures and just like any other product, they are flammable and will rapidly burn out in the case of a fire breakout. Houses with sprayed foam insulation are known to burn completely, and quickly.
‘Soy based’ forms and other ‘green form’ are not completely safe as they contain only seventeen percent of biodegradable content and the rest being petroleum based contents.
Sprayed foam insulation does not protect against moisture, instead; it repels water and this is not as good as it sounds. The form directs the water to the closest wood or metal that leads to corrosion of the metal and rotting of wood. Application of cellulose content to the wood and metal help in dispersing the moisture, and prevents corrosion and rotting.

In the case of a fire event, the spayed form insulation, due to the presence of hydrocarbons will produce a high volume of toxic smoke that is known to kill very quickly. A small volume of smoke cause severe health problem and is similar to the smoke produced when mattresses and cushions are burnt
A lot of energy is used to make foam insulation, it takes close to 28 joules to produce a single pound of form insulation, yet it takes only 0.7 joules to produce a single pound of cellulose insulation. This greatly increases the cost of form insulation compared to other insulation.
The R- Value of form insulation is better than R- 3.8 per inch of cellulose, however, form insulation are not very effective in filling wall cavities, where the form is used, then cellulose is used to fill the cavities.
Low-density foam insulation creates large air bubbles and voids as the form expands, Cellulose, on the other hand, is densely packed without gaps and voids.
Due to climatic conditions, the world is adopting recycle products, form insulation is not recycled, Cellulose insulation, on the other hand, is 83% recyclable.
Form insulation does not detect molds and parasites, cellulose insulation has natural occurring minerals that prevent the growth of mold and also kills pests.
whenever form insulation is used, then houses need to have good ventilation systems, this is because foam blocks all air paths and can cause health problems and humid environment.

Tree Removal Service in Toronto

Safe tree evacuation in neighborhoods takes ability. Most trees can’t simply be dropped in a yard since they reach out over your home, bushes, arranging, pool or even your neighbor’s property. The assurance of your home and property is our top need.

Tree evacuation regularly requires our qualified arborists to deliberately bring down the tree utilizing particular hardware and gear. The kind of hardware relies on upon where the tree is found, the auxiliary trustworthiness of the tree (empty, huge parts or splits) and the position of the appendages. Did you realize that a tree with a breadth of just 24 inches can tip the scales at more than 4 tons?

We can uproot trees of all sizes and in each circumstance. We have finished employments from uprooting the littlest private trees to evacuating several trees for business purposes. Tree Removal Toronto is a very reliable and affordable service in the GTA.
Trees should be uprooted for some reasons including malady, storm harm, potential harm to structures and structures, developing too expansive, harm from shameful tree pruning before, weakness or simply shaky, or in light of t

Men safely removing a tree in etobicoke ontario

he fact that they’re a blemish.

Most trees can be evacuated in one day. All trees uprooted Toronto Tree Removal are evacuated by ISA-affirmed arborists and as indicated by ANSI security models. The vast majority of the branches will be restricted down and flotsam and jetsam from the tree dependably stays under our control at all times.

We utilize endorsed fixing methods to secure your property. All branches and tree appendages are chipped and after that reused. . At times, there’s resale esteem for the wood in which case we can offer you some assistance with lining up a wood recycler to buy the wood.


Benefits of Professional Junk Hauling Services

In order to get the best value out of your junk removal service investment, there are some steps you can take as the homeowner to make sure it’s a smooth experience. We’ll always vouch for the value of professional junk hauling when compared to doing this type of work yourself and there are several reasons for that. Probably the easiest reason is that the junk hauling companies in Ottawa usually offer a full service experience which minimizes almost ALL work for you, the homeowner. All the backbreaking hauling up stairs and around awkward corners and other manual labor is accomplished by their own crews which saves you tons of time and reduces the overall headache. Whether you are cleaning up the home of a deceased relative or partaking in your own home renovation project, just pile up the junk and let it get handled. Any good waste management or dumpster rental company in Ottawa will also have liability insurance so you’re covered if they do any damage to your property – of course they know this, so the extra care is there.


On top of this, since the waste hauling business is so competitive that many in the Ottawa area will charge you for how much you use. Basically if you fill up half a 1 ton dumpster, you will be charged for this amount instead of the full container. This is great for small spring clean outs where you may not be 100% sure how much your actually going to toss out and certainly don’t want to be overcharged.
Finally, we think it’s worth it for the time saving aspect alone. You really aren’t going to remove all those awkwardly sized items yourself, and even if you are strong – a dishwasher can be pretty awkward to drag to the curb yourself. Save time on your 2016 spring cleaning projects and home renovation jobs and have a well-equipped waste hauling company help you with this aspect of the job.